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SCC Industries Drag Conveyors

  • The Super-Flo® was first conceived  to provide customers with a high capacity, non-agitating, self-cleaning conveyor that possessed low energy requirements versus a screw.  Still true today, a properly configured Super-Flo® cost effectively moves bulk materials in both horizontal directions and on an incline with low product degradation, keeps dust at a minimum, and provides long life for capacities ranging from 1,890 to 27,765 C.F.H.
    A ruggedly designed industrial flat bottom is capable of handling capacities to 80,000 C.F.H. of high density industrial materials in a non-compartmentalized unit.  While bolt on bottoms, easily replaceable return rail systems configured for long life and minimal paddle wear, and heavy duty imperial bearings are standard, the Enduro-Flo’s flexibility of features, capacity, materials of construction and variety of possible configurations makes these drags the answer to your bulk material handling needs.

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