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Our probes are made to conform to USDA specifications. They are built from heavy gauge tubing for durable,  sampling. Open-ended probes without partitions are convenient and widely used by the grain elevator operators for obtaining samples from truck loads. After sample is obtained, probe is held upright and sample is dumped from the handle.

Grainman Probes

  •     Partitioned Probes with wooden handles:

    • 22P 63" Brass probe, 10 openings.
    • 22P 72" Government Approved Brass probe, 12 openings, smooth              bronze point.


        Open Handled Probes 

    • 18-OH 72" Aluminum probe with 12 openings.
    • 20-OH 40" Brass probe with 6 openings.
    • 21-OH 51" Brass probe with 8 openings.
    • 22-OH 63" Brass open hande with 10 openings.
    • 16-OH 72" open handle with 12 openings.


        Stainless Steel:

    • 6S-P/ 6S-OH 39" SS partitioned probe with 6 openings.


       Open Handle Spiral Probes:

    • 39-OH 40" brass spirall with 6 openings.
    • 39A-OH 51" brass spirall with 8 openings.
    • 39B-OH 62" brass spirall with 10 openings.
    • 39C-OH 72" brass spirall with 12 openings.


       Grain Probes with optional T-Handles are also available.

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