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One Pass Rice Mill, PS-80/PS-160

  • The One Pass Rice Mill realizes a complete process of husking, separating the husk from the brown rice, whitening, and bran removal all in one machine. Grain surface is cleaned by high pressure air and a lustrous white rice is obtained. The machine is simple in construction and compact in style. The machine is easy to install and easy to operate low operating noise.


    Model PS- 80

    Engine: 15 Hp    Motor: 10 Hp

    Capacity/HR in rough rice: 650 - 750 kg

    Dimensions: 1050 x 850 x1600 

    Shipping(NW/ GW/ VOL): 295kg/ 380kg/ 48cft


    Model PS- 160

    Engine: 30 Hp    Motor: 20 Hp

    Capacity/HR in rough rice: 900 - 1000 kg

    Dimensions: 1050 x 950 x1620 

    Shipping(NW/ GW/ VOL): 385 kg/465 kg/76 cft






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