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Grainman Model 6612 Laboratory Dryer shown with port covers and optional casters without Brass Sample Trays (trays and caster sold separatley)

Grainman No. 66 Laboratory Seed & Grain Dryer

  • The Grainman®  Laboratory Seed & Grain Dryer has been designed to combine flexibility, efficiency, and convenience during the test operation. It is used to dry grains and seeds samples to reduce the their humidity to commercial level, which is a requirement to conduct other laboratory tests later or to estimate hulling and recovery of different kinds of grain.


    The  drying  time will  vary  according  to  the  variety  and  type  of  grain  to  be  tested,   as  well  as  iinitial humidity. Most of the parts of the unit are made in stainless steel, and the sample trays (optional) are made in brass. Both features to assure rust free operation for many years.


    Net Weight:   +/- 250 Lbs. (without sample trays and casters)

    Shipping Weight: +/- 350 Lbs. approx. (without sample trays and casters)

    Shipping Wood Box: approx. +/- 46 “ W x 30“ L x 45" H (Outside Dimension)

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