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Model 64-115-60-WDC Laboratory Paddy Rice Sheller Shown with Dust Collector 

Grainman No. 64 Paddy Rice Sheller

  • Designed to comply with service requirements of The U.S.D.A. Federal/State Rice Inspection Service, the Grainman No. 64 Laboratory Sample Sheller for Paddy Rice provides a rapid, easy and efficient method of shelling, while utilizing only one piece of equipment that will accommodate dry paddy rice samples. It can be carried anywhere, requiring small space and may be plugged into any convenient electrical outlet. The Grainman No. 64 Laboratory Sample Sheller for Paddy Rice is offered in two basic models: with dust collector and without dust collector. The dust collector recovers hulls in a clear plastic cup connected to the machine by two flexible hoses. The hulls material can be weighted later for other analysis. Also, the collector is recommended for cleanliness of operation but may be by-passed to blow the hulls away, if desired.


    Our Equipment No. 64 greatly improves its well-known use to:

    * Grain Elevators                    * Universities                          

    * Rice Mills                             * Rice Seed Producers

    * Grain & Seed Control           * Rice Research Centerd

          Official Inspections

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