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Optional Accessories Include:  

Sample Divider, Laboratory Digital Gram Scale & Sample Pans

(Items sold separately)


Grainman Length Grader 68

  • Model 68  aids in length separations, such as removing broken from whole kernel grain. This model allows maximum efficiency to achieve length-sizing tasks in determining the amount of separation depending on the cylinder size and settings. The cylinder shells provide flexibility to meet a wide range of separation requirements either in a single pass or in a multiple pass.



    • User Friendly: allows you to change cylinder shell quickly and easily.
    • Flexibility: enables you to define the degree of separation.
    • Convenience: allows for lab testing in 2 to 5 minutes testing.
    • Standard Features: variable speed control, timer control, vibration free, cylinder shell, electric cord, control box with separated On/Off and Run buttons, 110 Volts 50/60 Op. (available: 220 Volts).
    • Rust Free: mostly made from aluminum, stainless steel and brass materials.


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