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Optional Accessories:

Sample Divider, choose from gravity type or powered type.

Laboratory Digital Scale, choose from many models and weighing capacities.

Sample Pans available: triangular, oval and spouted.

No.70 Grading Cylinders with available std. apertures or slots




Grainman No.70 Laboratory Seed & Grain Thickness Grader

  • Model No. 70 is used for laboratory scale grading of grains according to their thickness. It can be used for grading paddy, brown or milled rice as well as other seed and grains.


    Model No. 70 allows maximum efficiency to achieve thick-sizing tasks in determining the amount of separation depending on the cylinder size and settings.


    The cylinders provide flexibility to meet a wide range of separation requirements either in a single pass or in a multiple pass.





    User Friendly Design: Allows quick and easy cylinder change.

    Flexibility: Define the degree of separation with different cylinder sizes. 

    Easy to operate: No special skills needed.

    Convenience: Test samples in your own laboratory room, just 2 to 5 minutes testing.

    Standard Features: Feed hopper, timer control, sealed gear drive, anti-vibration rubber pads, electric cord, on/off switch, fuse, 110 Volts 60 Hz single phase operation, separated receiving box.



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