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Our Equipment No. 65 greatly improves its well-known use to:


• Grain Elevators  • Universities  • Rice Mills 

 • Rice Seed Producers   • Grain & Seed Control Official Inspections 

• Rice Centers

Grainman No. 65 Rice Miller Tester

  • Designed to comply with service requirements of The U.S.D.A. Federal/State Rice Inspection Service, the Grainman No. 65 Rice Miller Tester provides a rapid, easy and efficient method of milling. The Grainman No. 65 Rice Miller Tester accurately tests rice samples for milling yield by automatically controlling both the milling pressure and the time cycle. The milling pressure is controlled with iron weights in increments of ½ Lbs. up to 10 Lbs. for a wide range of milling results. An automatic digital timer stops the machine at the desired interval. A manual push button “stops” control is also installed at the control panel box.


    Main Parts and Components:

    Illuminated Red Push Button STOP Control     

    Illuminated Green Push Button RUN Control

    Model No.      Description     Operation

    65-230-60-3    60 Hz              230V 60Hz 3 Ph

    65-460-60-3    60 Hz              460V 60Hz 3 Ph


    65-220-50-3    60 Hz              220V 50Hz 3 Ph

    65-220-50-3    60 Hz              380V 50Hz 3 Ph



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