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Grainman No. 63 Grain Cleaner Laboratory Aspirator

  • The Grainman Grain Cleaner Laboratory Aspirator is designed for grains and seeds analyst, inspectors and laboratory users who require quick yet thorough separation of granular materials from foreign matter. It can be carried anywhere, requiring small space and may be plugged into any convenient electrical outlet. It separates granular and foreign materials by means of a controlled current of air passing through the material as it falls, at regulated rates of flow, in a thin stream from a spreading cone.


    Our Equipment No. 63 greatly improves its well-known use to: 

    Grain Elevators                            Flour Mills                    

    Rice Mills                                     Feeder Dealers

    Breweries                                    Cereal Plants

    Grain & Seed Control                  Coffee Plants

    Official Inspections


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