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Designed to comply with service requirements of the USDA Federal/State Rice Inspection Service, the Grainman No. 61 Rice Sizing Device provides a rapid, easy and efficient method of broken separation from whole rice grains. 


Grainman No. 61 Rice Sizing Device

  • The GRAINMAN® Rice Sizing Device accurately tests samples in order to determine the percentage of broken and whole rice. The recommended sample size is 1000 grams of cleaned shelled, milled rice. 


    This machine consist of a sturdy wood frame that accommodates perforated aluminum plates mounted on four metal adjustable pedestals and connected to an eccentric linkage, activated by an electric motor to produce a sharp reciprocating lateral movement. operation. Two plates are used in the machine simultaneously to make a sample run (sold separately).


    Our Equipment No. 61 greatly improves its well-known use to: 

    Grain Elevators/ Rice Mills / Grain & Seed Control Official Inspections

    Universities / Rice Seed Producers / Rice Research Centers

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